Why I should get an Insurance?

A letter to a friend who has not yet bought insurance

Medical Card


Dear friends:

Whether you are rich or poor, it so surprisingly that if you do not have a policy nowadays. Kindly spend few minutes to read through the following content in-depth understanding.

Insurance is not “flicker” but “bless”!

Many people talk about insurance and resist, but can our lives be ignored?

Do we think that our property asset is more value than our health?

Will you only realize that the fragility of life when the risk (such as car accidents or critical illness) can take away your million assests? What have you left behind for your family?

What will you want to left behind for your loves one? Left a debt or a wealth?

Insurance is an invisible angels, brought not the pain and trouble but love and responsibility!

Insurance is not a necessity for life, but is a must for life, and everyone should have it!


Life Insurance

Why do people buy insurance?

Because the risk is everywhere!

The life cycle of everyone will go through old, sick, dead, disabled, and other unpredictable risks.

Minor Risks: Accidental, bumps hurt, sprained injury, burns

Medium Risks: Hospitalization due to high fever, acute appendicitis resection, and others many unexpected diseases

Large Risks: major diseases like cancer, heart attack & stroke will cause you spend money to RM xxx,xxx

So everyone needs insurance!

Insurance, can be a saving plan to used as own pension when there is no risks happen but insurance company will take up the risks and burden whenever the risks occur.
The specialty of insurance doesn’t not give you any loss.


family insurance

Why do many people do not want to buy insurance?

1. No money
2. No time to buy
3. Insurance very expensive
4. Insurance not trusable
5. Wish to get high return (prefer spend money for investment)
6. Always think that they are lucky

Some people have bought insurance plan, but not very clear much information, thus not much coverage;

Some people will buy few insurance plan, because they knows what insurance means to him;

There are some people willing to save their money by themselves, and always think that their saving is enough for medical fees, but they not realize that medical inflation almost 20% every year, so end up they will need to sell their property and car, borrow from friends and family, donation and so.


Let’s take a look at these messages:

1. Spiel Burger 1.5 billion in insurance;

2. Mr. Li Ka-shing, a well-known rich people, but he take everything unprecious, he said: “People say I am very rich, in fact, really belong to my personal wealth, is buy a sufficient life insurance for themselves and their families”

life insurance

3, Anita Mui left, left tens of millions for family insurance;
life insurance


4, Lausanne’s accident, leaving the parents in addition to sad and what?

5, the beginning of 2004, the Beijing South traffic accident, Inspector advise: everyone is more careful but that is not safe all the times.

6, 2008 Xinjiang fire, Inspector advise: Accidental will take place unpredictable … …
For those unfortunate family, uninsured families have suffered because they have lost their loved ones and having financial problems.
The insured families, although they have suffered from the loss of their loved ones, but will not be worse due to the compensation of insurance… …

Insurance is not prepared for the dead people, but prepared for the living people.

It shown the love, the embodiment of responsibility and extension!


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