Top 10 Part Time Job in Malaysia


How much do you think is enough for your family monthly expenses. Nowadays, every family is suffer from financial problem especially living in town due to huge expenses of high living standard. Therefore, people from all walks of life is trying find part time job for earning side income to reduce family financial burden.

UBER / GRAB car driver

With the flexibility of working hours, everyone can work as driver according to their free time and duration of work. No commitment required for this job but just using your own car for work and will be rewarded with attractive incentive.


Private Tutor

Suitable for everyone become tutor to earn side income especially college students or working adults. A golden chance to complete this job by using existing knowledge and experience to teach students on acedemic.

Insurance Agent

A job that full of challenge but rewarded with long term incentive. Its no longer just a job but provide a protection plan for insured and ensure they are covered all the times from any situation.



Most of accountant are getting affordable salary for full time job. Therefore is a good opportunity for them get part time account of small business enterprise and manage their account yearly.


Graphic Designer

There is lot of opportunity for part time graphic designer earn money by create logos, marketing collateral, shirt design, name card or others. The paid is different among all as it is subject to the creative of design.

Interior Designer

Using the creativity to design house interior for owner to stay, rent out or sell. Nowadays, most people like to make investment on property but hardly rent out with a good price. Thus, is a good opportunity for owner to replenish the house and rent out with better price.


Tour Guide

The amazing job that can spend spare time wisely and earning some income with having fun.



Various kind of models such as commercial, fashion and glamour. Model is a job that required to have a good figure all the times and be ready for any occasion. On the other hand, you have to invest on yourself such as healthy hair, pretty looks with latest fashion and so on. Its a job that is easy by posing in few hours and get highly paid.

Online Business

E-commerce is the latest trend in Malaysia that everyone can sell their preferred products online and managed by themselves. The specialty of online business is the convenience of working space at anywhere and building up own brand with minimum capital.

Blogger / Writter

A job that harness writing capabilities within blogs or article of magazine or newspaper. You will no require any expensive equipment but just a laptop with stable internet connection. Suittable for



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