Malaysia Most Beautiful Wedding Shooting Places

The most beautiful shooting location for Malaysia wedding photos.
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Wedding Shooting Malaysia

Perfect fusion of modern classics – Kuala Lumpur Railway Station

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia. It has lush trees, beautiful scenery, tropical plants and flowers, and enjoys the name of “Garden City”. If you choose Malaysia for wedding photo shooting, Kuala Lumpur is a city that you can’t miss anyway. You can feel the prosperity and atmosphere of the modern city but also the history of Malaysia definitely can meet your discerning requirements for wedding photoshoot. The combination of scenic towns with traditional customs in Southeast Asia, but also the bustling waves of modern cities. It’s an attraction you can’t miss! The railway station scene is more beautiful than your expectation!


Nice Wedding Shooting Place Malaysia


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We’ll be getting closer – Dataran Merdeka

As one of the largest squares in the world, the historical significance of Independence Square is a symbol of the country’s independence. It has a Tudor-style Royal Club of Selangor, a National Museum of History with a strong history, and a century-old Gothic architecture, the Anglican Church of Santa Maria. On the other side of the square, there are European-style lawns and Dutch-style buildings, and the opposite is the ancient Sahal Abdul Samad building, with an original halal style. A square, a history, a changeable style, a peaceful walk on the square under the sun, a fountain of springs reflecting the colorful sunlight, these will become the most beautiful scenery in wedding photos. European Gothic style! Lowland buildings in the Netherlands! The halal style of Islamic Holy Light, history blends here, cultures collide here, and the lens looks at the beauty of time and culture. You must not miss this wedding selection!

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Love in the Clouds – KLCC Twin Towers

If Independence Square is a fusion of classic and modern, the Twin Peaks Tower is a super classic modern building, and it is currently the world’s two tallest connected buildings. The 88-storey building sits on the top floor of a western restaurant overlooking the entire Kuala Lumpur. Especially at night when the lights are bright, it seems that the entire galaxy is seen in front of the eyes. Although this building has been mentioned countless times, only by seeing it with its own eyes can we know its true name. Inside the Petronas Twin Towers is an oil symphony hall where you can listen to the performances of the Malaysian Symphony Orchestra and Petronas Performing Arts Troupe. Under the tower is KLCC Park and Water Park. The music fountain erupts every other moment, ascends to the distance, the scenery is infinite, and the lights are bright. Friends who like to shoot night scenes should not be missed!


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